This sig generator was originally designed for Long Forgotten Soldiers outfit on Miller
But due to popular requests, and because I'm so proud of it,
I am now making it available to everyone who has a character in Planetside 2

The Signature will update on first load every three hours hour (60 minutes).
You may force an update by using this page to re-generate it.

More background options may come in future.

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3,100+ signatures served 1,250,000+ times.

To generate a signature, enter your character name and select the desired theme below,
then press "Create my signature!" at the bottom of the page.

Not case sensitive, but must match ingame character name excactly otherwise.

Fire (Common):
Vanu Sovereignty:
Terran Republic:
New Conglomerate:
Vanu Sovereignty 2:
Terran Republic 2:
New Conglomerate 2:
Vanu Sovereignty 3:
Terran Republic 3:
New Conglomerate 3:

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